Karel Kukačka

* 1941  

  • "They were afraid that this is some kind of revolt group acting against the regime, but in fact it had nothing to do with the communism at all. They only knew the history and the past world, if it was the holy war for instance, they only knew that the Church was involved somehow in it. In the negative way, basically in the complete world evolution. They were afraid, because they didn’t know anything about us, they were unsure. But we meant no harm to them at all. They always locked us up somewhere and tried to find out who we are and what our intentions are. But they never found anything wrong about our groups so they let us go. They kept watching and persecuting us. I don’t think they ever understood."

  • "In the Holy write God says, God ordains the apostles, prophets and teachers. He has done so what so ever - he sent the prophets, teachers and men who had" the message from the God. But it’s different these days. The Churches are working quite different: People are studying the evangelism though and have their own explanation to it, but they have no epiphany from the God, so the philosophy is rather human like. One is overtopping the others, someone can learn better, someone can learn worse. But that’s not what the faith is about."

  • "Our mission meeting was unique, because we all got to use the same things. Like e.g. we printed our own samizdat, we used our own cassettes, which they (the communist) didn’t have yet. So we all gathered for the prayer so we could praise the production and listen to some of the cassettes. People came from all around. We all sat and watched the tape or we listened to what the Lord wants to tell us. Whether it was something from brother Branham or from brother Frank. It has always helped us to stay strong in our lives and our prayers. That was the purpose of our meeting. But then again...during these peaceful missions there was always someone - some intruder - who informed the police. They (the police) have been watching us through all this time of the meetings, because they were not sure what it may cause. A lot of people have been speculating about our group, we were something like their inner enemy, especially if they didn’t know what was going on. Once they came to the session and we all separated and went away. There were about six of us brothers who got caught by them. Then we have been questioned how, when , what and why. We didn’t really have whole lot to tell them, because someone always called that we will meet here or there and invited the others too. Or when we received some new materials we stayed in touch by phone or we used to visit each other. We set up some meeting time and place where we met then and share the new stuff. We talked about it and we listened to the cassettes and that’s how the things were. I would say, that we have been under permanent supervision of the secret services."

  • "My parents were members of the Czech Brethren union. Sometimes they brought us, the kids, with them to the group, but at the mean time I didn’t have any relationship toward it at all. It was more like I followed my parents wish. My sport life ended when the message of brother Branham came too our country and I was given some of the brochures, which left a deep impact on me in deed. I have been detained by it through all my life so much that I have even experienced some interconnection with the Lord. I was so anxious to fulfill the philosophy and to live in accordance with it."

  • "There were groups, I would say, almost in every town, which were gathering for the masses. The masses enriched their lives...You know, they freed themselves from the fear from communism, persecutions and these kind of things. People became free, and started seeing each other. Now they felt happy and free. They could now live and work in peace, it brought new power to their lives and their families, to their children’s lives. It was a new bless in the crucial times that ruled the world."

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“They freed themselves from the fear from communism, persecutions and these kinds of things. They became free, they started seeing each other and found themselves happy and joyful doing that.”

Mr. Karel Kukačka was born in 1941 in Prague. He comes from the Czech Brethren family. His father was employed as mason and painter. His mother stayed at home. He attended the grammar school in Prague, but due to political reasons he was unable to begin any further studies. He then became a house painter. He underwent the general military training in Trenčín town by the guards regiment. After his return home he started to work as a professional driver. Later on he worked in business, namely at the Stavoservis company. Mr. Kukačka was an active sportsman. He played volleyball at a professional level and was able to travel abroad with his team. During the 70´s he became familiar with the American pastor William Branham’s study and became a devout follower. This caused him great problems from within the communist regime. He was been questioned by the police several times and he wasn’t allowed to travel abroad anymore.