Libuše Kučerová

* 1930  †︎ unknown

  • “The Germans really were expelled in a wild manner, because they announced that everyone has to be a specific place in half an hour, and it happened to be in Mutná, there where the stream is, and there was a bridge there, and supposedly they were also robbed by the partisans. So the better things what they had - gold, bracelets, rings - they supposedly threw them into the water... and the Germans had to walk all the way to Austria... one man, Kalzner, was shot, he had to dig his own grave, they shot him, covered him up - there was shooting going on all over the place back then - and one of his shoes was sticking out, so they dug him out and buried him in the graveyard. It was horrifying, and we saw all of that happen, and it pained us.”

  • “It was on 19 or 22 January 1953, when we were evicted. Dad was locked up, we were at home by ourselves, Mum and I, and I had had the prescience to marry half a year before that because I knew they’d take everything from us. I had some furniture, so I solved it by getting married, although it was unplanned, and I took it all to Volfířov, which is where my husband comes from. But I continued to live with Mum on the farm.”

  • “People started talking about the Sudetes, that they’d be joined to Germany; the Germans were content, happy that they’d be joining the Reich. That was the time when things were decided about us without us. There was this committee, which decided that the Sudetes would go to the Germans. Those were the Italians, the French, Germany, and others. That was the reason why the Germans occupied the Sudetes. Nothing happened to us in the process, we just closed up the Czech schools, all official matters had to be in German, and I started attending a German school.”

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    Městská knihovna Dačice, 10.03.2015

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Fate was more merciful to me

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Libuše Kučerová, née Kuslová, was born in 1930 in Sokolí near Třebíč. Her family moved to Mutná, where her parents bought a farm, when she was two. The family tended to about seventy hectares. She attended a German school in Slavonice from her second year; she experienced 1938 mobilisation there. When the Communist came to power they declared her father a kulak and imprisoned him for seven years. The witness got married. In 1953 her family was forcibly evicted from Mutná. The witness moved to her husband’s native town, Volfířov. In the 1970s she began working at Pragovka, later moving to the sales department to work as an interpreter.