Anna Kršková

* 1928  

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We saw two girls lying over the hay, their breasts were cut off and their mom stood there, but she was already dead

Anna Matysová (Kršková)
Anna Matysová (Kršková)
photo: archive of the witness

Anna Kršková, neé Matysová, was born on July 11, 1928 in the German village Hynčice nad Moravou (in German Heinzendorf an der March, since 1949 the village Hanušovice). She comes from a marriage of mixed nationalities of Czech and German. Her father joined up in the Wehrmacht during the war. He was said to be a helper in the field kitchen and then went through the Eastern Front, where he got frostbites from Russia, and he also served in East Africa, where he was treated for malaria for a long time. Shortly after the liberation, his father spent some time in an internment in Šumperk. Thanks to Czech roots, however, they did not include the family in the expulsion of the Germans. Anna thus witnessed the departure of the original population, the arrival of new settlers, but also a wild postwar period, when in August 1945 she saw with her own eyes the consequences of the brutal murder of four people of the Krusche family in the nearby and now defunct settlement Štolnava. In 1953 she married Josef Krška, a Czech man, with whom they moved to Zábřeh, where three children were born between 1955 and 1961 and where Anna Kršková lived in 2019.