Marie Krajíčková

* 1935  

  • "When we did not go to the school after that, we had arranged that I would just go to her that morning (5 May 1945) to see her. I ran behind those backyards and around the Rezidence and as a nine-year-old girl, I did not go slow, I ran through it. And down that Sušilova Street and I just came into the garden, there is a big garden in front of that. So, I just walked through the gate and suddenly boom, boom, boom – it started falling. I was not in the house yet and the bombs fell. Mr. Hubáček was at home, he came out for me right away and we went to the cellar and we saw that there was an air raid, that it really fell into Boskovice. So, he let me be there for about an hour or two, sometimes before noon, I think it was between nine and ten o'clock. So, he let me be there until almost noon and then he went home with me. And so, the people were not there at that intersection anymore, but there were blood spots, I can just see exactly where the blood spots were, and in that one spot, there was not just a spot, there was a whole brain."

  • "That is where the little girl who was on the invitation went to fitting. The last jackets before they were transported, so one was this cornflower blue and the other was this greenish. I remember the collars they had, kind of round, and the buttons covered with that fabric, because I guess those buttons were not available then. The uncle tried those jackets on me, we were about the same size, and that one time the little girl was there, the uncle put her on the table and he took that length on the table. He measured it on the table and then we carried the coats to her. So, there is a one-storeyed house near U Vážné Studny Street, and that is where the Goldmanns lived. My uncle was handing her the coats and she took me up to the first floor and I know there was a door like this and there was one cupboard and then this gap and another cupboard and, in that gap, she just had dolls and a bed that I had never seen before for all the dolls. She already had, like cribs have, like, the canopy nets. I was completely put out of countenance because of it at the time, how it was possible to have such beautiful toys when I had one doll whose legs kept falling off. But I do not know whether I have gone there again after that. When I was a child, I thought those Jewish stars – that they had them for decoration. I used to tell my mother why I did not have one. I had no idea what was going to happened to these kids and these people."

  • "It was a new kindergarten built, there was one room, but there was nothing but one bed. Somehow, I had to get there by bus and we agreed that if I did not have a place to sleep, I would sleep there with her. So, we slept on one bed, we did not even have blankets yet, so we put sweaters under our heads and covered ourselves with one cape. There was not even a sink to wash oneself in the morning in that room, nothing."

  • "There's this Hybešova Street and one tank after another was going down it and now the tanks came to the highest point and they all started turning, there were no houses there, just the one of my aunt and uncle, so you could see the road beautifully. Hitler made it there then. And the tanks started turning their barrels towards Boskovice. We saw it beautifully. And now we did not know if they were going to shoot, well, it looked like they want to shoot the whole Boskovice to pieces. Pepík, my cousin, fell asleep, my aunt took all kinds of clothes and she said, when they start shooting, so he would not to hear it too much, as he was lying on his side, I know he had a lot of clothes on his ears on that one side. Then they stood there for half an hour, an hour, mainly aiming at Boskovice, and then they turned, moved on a little bit. At the highest point, the road went down a little bit. They aimed at the Lipka (hill) here, and I do not know if anybody else saw it except me, where they shot it all."

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I had no idea what awaits these people

Marie Krajíčková, 1939
Marie Krajíčková, 1939
photo: archiv pamětnice

Marie Krajíčková was born on 17 July 1935 in Boskovice to parents Marie and Jan Šeda. They lived near the Jewish quarter, and she met Liliana Goldmann several times, who was later murdered with her brother and grandparents in the Auschwitz concentration camp. At the end of the war, when danger struck, she hid in the basement and on 5 May 1945, she was a short way from the place where the bombs dropped by Soviet planes exploded. She witnessed the retreating German army threatening the safety of Boskovice with their tanks. After graduating from the secondary pedagogical school in Boskovice, she was assigned to Ostrava region in 1954. In 1956 she married Pavel Krajíček and they had two sons – Ivo (1958) and Zdeněk (1966). She was the only one in the family who stopped going to church after the committee reprimanded her for baptizing her first son. She was never a member of the Communist Party. She worked in several kindergartens in the Boskovice area and had to retire on disability pension in 1980. At a time of shortage of down jackets, sleeping bags and children’s footmuffs, she supplied the surrounding area with her own production of these products. Her husband was a Scout since childhood and participated in the revival of scouting in 1968 and 1989. In 2022 Marie Krajíčková lived in Boskovice.