Zdena Komrsková

* 1957

  • “The competitions in artistic gymnastics during my active career were both on the European and the global level divided in two blocs – Eastern and Western. We were brought up to it. It did not mean that we could not speak to gymnasts from the West, from France or the United States; nobody prohibited us from it explicitly. But unofficially it had been known that the gymnastic referees distinguish between the Eastern and the Western bloc.”

  • “I still think that in 1972 there had been pressure on behalf of the referees; it was split into the East and the West. Artistic gymnastics is a subjectively rated sport and this manifests itself to this day although the referees have a narrow margin of appreciation. They have to decide based on specific rules. When they depart from them, they receive yellow and red cards and can even be suspended. At the time of my sports career there have of course been rules whic the referees had to observe but they had a wider margin of appreciation in their rating. So I suppose the evaluation was more subjective.“

  • “I am not aware of any people accompanying the sports team on its travels abroad. It is true though, that when we travelled to the United States in 1973 for a fourteen-day visit and a competition, we were rather thoroughly instructed on how to behave, how to respond to a stranger’s address, whom to tell and so on. This took place before the trip but I am not aware of anybody influencing us while in there.”

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“Sport taught me to value success.”

Komrskova__OH 1972 Mnichov, vpravo vzperac Pavlase (historic)
Zdena Komrsková
photo: Paměť národa

Zdena Komrsková was born in 1957 in Vsetín. She spent her childhood in Valašské Meziříčí.  She was a very lively child, in 1966 her mother decided to enroll her in an artistic gymnastics club lead by Miloš Bortel. Her couch was in all respect severe and strict with himself as well as with the children he trained. Thanks to him, Zdena Komrsková celebrated her first successes at the Czechoslovak championship and at the European Championship in Tallin in 1971. She was a member of the Czechoslovak national team at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics, taking fifth place in the all-around team contest and twenty-seventh place in an all-around individual race. Altogether she had won five national championships. Later she was coached by Slávek and Vítek Matlochovi and Věra Čáslavská. In 1975 following a knee injury she had to end her active career. She then graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague and worked as an educator in Klatovy and Roudnice nad Labem. By the end of the 1980’s, she and her husband Jan took jobs in a newly-created gymnastic center in Zlín. Zdena Komrsková and her husband had raised three daughters - Lucie, Jana, and Aneta. All of them became active sportswomen in gymnastics and athletics. Jana represented the Czech Republic at the Sydney and Athens Olympics. In 2013, Zdena and her husband founded a Sports Academy for Children in Zlín.