Josef Klíma

* 1939  

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You could see that people were unhappy

Josef Klíma, born in1939
Josef Klíma, born in1939
photo: archiv pamětníka

Josef Klíma was born on the 14th of March 1939 in Olše nad Oslavou where his family owned an inn. His father joined the Czechoslovak Communist Party after war and he left it in 1948 which had an unfavourable effect on his son´s cadre reference. The possibility of studying was very limited for him and he eventually studied to become a butcher in Třešť. After finishing the studies, he passed an entrance exam for Secondary Technical School in Prague, field Meat technology. He started to work as meat rendering plant foreman in State Enterprise in Meat Factory in Hodice. After seven years there, he accepted an offer and taught meat technology and other specialized subjects at vocational school in Třešť. He was summoned to State Security in 1967 because of his antipathy towards communist regime and authorities started criminal proceedings against him, but they were stopped. He was removed from his teaching job in 1971 because of his disagreement with entrance of Warsaw Pact troops. Having been rejected by his former employee in Hodice, he found a job in Consumer Cooperative in Velké Meziříčí. He was a head of business department since 1980 but his other career progression was stopped by the nomenklatura. He left the cooperative in 1990 and started to work in a petrol station where he worked until his retirement. When retired, he worked as a guard in Alpa company. He was living in Olše nad Oslavou at the time of recording (2020).