Ing. Zdeněk Hříbal

* 1926

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An incognito publisher

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Ing. Zdeněk Hříbal

Zdeněk Hříbal was born on 17 May 1926 in Prague. From 1941 to 1945 he attended a business school located in the Smíchov district. However, in September 1944 he was sent to forced labor in Jinonice’s Walter factory. From January till April 1945 he served there as a messenger, being sent to business trips both within the country and abroad. He participated in the Prague uprising, building barricades in Smíchov. After graduation in September 1945 he worked in Václav Petr’s publishing house and at the same time continued studying a librarian school located in Vězeňská street. In March 1948 he signed up for the University of Commerce, which was later to be replaced by the University of Political and Economic Sciences. From 1953 until 1964 he was employed in geological surveying. For the next twenty-two years he worked in the administration of various investment units. In 1990, four years into his retirement, he collaborated on the re-establishment of the Association of Librarians and Publishers. Also, he founded his publishing house ing. Zdeněk Hříbal, an heir of Josef Hříbal. He ran his business until the age of sixty-eight.will be translated soon