Vlasta Hlávková

* 1943

  • "Dr. Motýl played a big role. It was said of him that he was a true humanitarian, a doctor who went round the patients at night and had a waiting room full of people waiting for him in the morning. He never turned anyone away, he helped everyone. He didn't accept money from poor people at all, and he still bought them medicine. He also supported poor students in their studies. My father, as well as everyone else, respected him immensely. He has a commemorative medal in Luka, in the entrance to the health centre. He came from Horní Cerekev. He too was imprisoned, and when he came back he worked as a worker in the saw mill and then was designated as a doctor for the medical staff. He was extremely popular and my father said he was at his funeral in Horní Cerekev. There was a large crowd there and he said he remembered the words spoken by the vicar over his coffin: 'If his coffin were all made of gold, it would not outweigh all the good deeds he did in his lifetime'."

  • "My father told me that sometime in the spring of 1944 rumours began to spread in the village that paratroopers from England had landed there and that Mr Široký, who was known from Puklice because he used to come to buy cattle, was among them. My father knew him very well. But that was all, there was nothing more. Then my father told me that one evening, it could have been between the seventh and ninth of April 1944, someone knocked on the door and came in. My father immediately recognized Mr. Široký, so he went out into the darkness with him. I was a baby then, but my older sisters were there, so my father was afraid that he would start talking and then the children would say something somewhere. So he went out with him and Mr. Široký asked him if he could provide him with food and accommodation. That they had been refused at many places and had a long march behind them. The last time, perhaps somewhere in Vršanov, they had a contact address from England, but the man was too worried and refused to take them in. They hid in the woods, and at night Mr. Široký remembered my father. So he came to us, and my father didn't hesitate a moment. He came back and whispered to my mother to prepare some food. Meanwhile they were all waiting outside, there were four of them - Mr. Široký, Mr. Gemrot, Dr. Odstrčil and Mr. Němčík."

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My father offered to help the paratroopers and whispered to my mother to prepare some food

Vlasta hlávková in 1984
Vlasta hlávková in 1984
photo: Archiv Vlasty Hlávkové

Vlasta Hlávková was born on 24 May 1943 in Střížov, Vysočina. In 1944, her father František Dvořák hid paratroopers from the Calcium group. Her parents joined the United Agricultural Cooperative (JZD) and she had to help take care of the farm animals. After secondary school she did not get into university without a recommendation, but after six years of work experience she was able to do an economic follow-up study. She married in 1964 and had a daughter and a son. She worked in JZD Střížov as an assistant accountant and later as head of the payroll department in JZD Brtnice. In 1979 she received a recommendation from JZD to study at university and in 1984 she graduated in economics and agricultural operation. She was promoted to the head of the information system and after the collapse of the cooperative she worked in the part located in Puklice until her retirement. In 2021 she was living in Střížov.