František X. Halas

* 1937  †︎ 2023

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“My life was full of miracles.”

František Xaver Halas, November 2016
František Xaver Halas, November 2016
photo: Archiv - Pamět národa

František Xaver Halas was born in October 1937, in Prague to a poet, František Halas, and art historian, Libuše Halasová. His parents brought him up in Christian faith although they themselves had left the church. During WWII, he witnessed his father’s transition to semi-illegality in Kunštát and Tišnov where he was hiding from the Gestapo in the local sanatorium. František X. Halas finished elementary school in Prague. He then graduated from a grammar school after which he spent five years studying history and teaching at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts. From 1960 till 1962, he underwent compulsory military service. Thanks to his knowledge of French, he spent most of the time as an interpreter with the air division in Přerov. In 1968, he moved to Brno where he worked as a scientist and translator for over two decades. In 1990, he became a diplomat, he was the first ambassador of Czechoslovakia and later of the Czech Republic to the Vatican. He returned to his homeland in 1999, lecturing in church history and the history of diplomacy at universities in Olomouc and Prague. He and his wife, Dagmar lived in Brno. They had two daughters. František Xaver Halas passed away on November, the 24th, 2023.