Libuše Fialová

* 1930

  • "We put up with it, and then finally, brother Jan banged on the window before Christmas Day. In the winter, long-haired. An hour's walk from Leština, he trotted up and banged, and we shouted: 'Jenda! Jenda!' What a joy it was!"

  • "I think Father Toufar was tortured to death within a month, and it freed Jenda from all investigations. Because of that, they stopped investigating Jenda, no longer paid attention to him and transferred him to another prison, then to another prison again at night. We were looking for him around Prague. I had already been there with my brother once, the second time Míla with her mother went there, and Jenda was simply nowhere to be found. We didn't even know if he was alive or not."

  • "We went to church every Sunday. The pastor was preaching, and he just moved with his hand towards the sanctuary and said a sentence, I don't know exactly how it went now: 'There is one among us whom we do not see now, but the Lord God is with us.' He always preached such beautiful sermons. I looked there, but probably later, because someone said they had seen it more times. I only saw it twice and thought I was just seeing only things, so I didn't say anything about it, not even at home, because when I tried to take a good look, the cross would already stand still. I didn't pay attention to it. Then, during the week, word began to spread around the village: 'The cross was moving in Číhošť, and so-and-so saw it.' I said I saw it too but thought it was just a daydream. I remember it very well. I saw the flash two or three times, certainly not more, and when I wanted to take a better look, the cross stood still. That it remained a little tilted, I wasn't looking anymore, and it remained like this, that I didn't confess until a week later, only at home did I say that the cross was moving. Some people came, and when they saw it four times, they reported it at home, and some peoples’ mothers scared them, 'Don't even say it anywhere, who knows what you dreamed.' But I only admitted it during the next week."

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We searched for my brother for a year without knowing if he was still alive

Libuše Fialová, about 20 years old
Libuše Fialová, about 20 years old
photo: witness archive

Libuše Fialová, née Zmrhalová, was born on September 12, 1930, in the village of Kynice in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Growing up in a Catholic family that farmed on almost 20 hectares of land, she was involved in household chores from an early age. She attended school in neighbouring Číhošť and worked on her parents’ farm from the age of 14. On December 11, 1949, the witness participated in the Sunday Mass in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Číhošť, during which the altar cross mysteriously tilted. The eldest brother Jan studied at the theological seminary in Hradec Králové from 1947, and after the arrival of Father Josef Toufar in Číhošť, they maintained a correspondence. A few days after the abduction of priest Josef Toufar, Jan was arrested by State Security in the priest’s seminary. The family had no news of his imprisonment. He was held in Valdice and Ruzyně for almost a year without an enacted trial and returned home before Christmas Day 1951. He became a significant witness to the brutal torture of priest Josef Toufar. After his release, he never returned to theology studies. At the same time, the family also experienced persecution associated with the collectivisation of agriculture. The witness got married in 1952, and two years later, she and her husband moved first to Křivsoudov, then to Jiřice and finally to Humpolec. She worked at the Sukno textile company until her retirement. She celebrated her 90th birthday in September 2020. At the time of filming (April 2022), she lived in Humpolec.