Miroslav Farkaš

* 1954  

  • “Well, as soon as a man surrenders the other’s soul, it gives vent to his feelings. I am still ashamed of becoming angry and swearing as probably every normal Slovak would. Maybe I am not normal, but I don’t know why I started swearing. By concurrence of circumstances, all the events cumulated to the fact that the woman had to die there, since she also had a scull trephination, as I later found out. She was from Russia and she stayed in a room alone. Maybe she said to herself: ‘I will enjoy it here and pass away.’ But my question is: why did she have to die right when I was there? Why couldn’t she have delayed it at least by a week? I don’t know. Maybe it was destiny, but I really gave vent to my feelings back then.”

  • “When I started to do a first aid coach, when I was just a learner, there were people who told me: ‘Let’s hope you will never need to use in practice what you have learned here, since you always want the person you are saving to live!’ Back then I thought: ‘What the heck are you talking about?’ However, later all of it got clear. Everything I thought I wouldn’t know, I knew right away, just as it was needed.”

  • “When I look at what the military service gave me to what I have been devoted to now, the volunteering job, it is for sure exactness, responsibility, and efficiency. It means that when being in military, I had to be at certain place on time and perfectly knowing everything needed; simply, I had to be responsible for many people.”

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Military granted exactness and responsibility to his volunteering job

Miroslav Farkaš soldier
Miroslav Farkaš soldier
photo: Archív pamätníka

Miroslav Farkaš was born on January 16, 1954 in Snina. He attended Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Michalovce and then the Military Technical Academy of Czechoslovak-Soviet Friendship in Liptovský Mikuláš. After its completing, as a soldier, he was assigned to České Budějovice and later to Třeboň. After seven years of the military service he left to Liptovský Mikuláš, where he got employed as a teacher at the Military Technical Academy. During his pedagogical career he was interested in Slovak Red Cross and volunteering life-saving; he also passed the 3rd level lifeguard course for open water. In 1999 he left to civilian life and joined the Slovak Red Cross (SRC) as a volunteer. He was present at founding of the humanitarian units of the SRC in Slovakia. As a volunteering lifeguard he worked in Liptovská Mara (dam) and various swimming pools within Liptovský Mikuláš region. He also coached future lifeguards from all over Slovakia. Moreover, Miroslav was engaged in working in social sphere of the SRC, he helped homeless people and those in need. Nowadays he lives in countryside, in Liptovská Anna.