Jarmila Fajtová

* 1945  

  • "The research was because the spindleless spinning was just starting, and it was rather something. And actually, President Novotný came here to open the first spindlery? Novotný himself. And it was also an experience, because at two o'clock in the morning we planted flowers and at nine o'clock in the morning I stood ready with a flower and welcomed the president and his wife. And they did, because they wanted to show him the research and show it to him, so I got his wife in charge of doing it and I had to be at her disposal. Well, it was an incredible experience with her. Maybe they took him after the research center, led him to the spindlery, and so on. And I invited her for coffee, and she agreed. And then she began talking, and it completely grounded me, she just told me, 'So when's your old man coming back?'"

  • "My aunt said, 'When the war starts, there will be nothing. You have to go shopping. ”There was already a line of people standing in front of the store, the women of the pilots and the airport staff. And there was a sidecar, a motorcycle with a sidecar, he was sitting on it, but they weren't Russians, they were Mongolians or something, they weren't Russians at all. And now there was a line of women standing there, he took a machine gun like that and drove past the line. He didn't fire out, but was regularly after us. And he was waiting for someone to defend himself or something. But no one, we were all stunned because we didn't know what was going on."

  • “I remember the year 1948 very well, I will never forget it. Because I was also quite active in Ústí and so, before the occupation took place, I was in Paris for 14 days. When we were in Paris and living in a hotel, the owner of the hotel came to us and said, 'Don't come back, Czechoslovakia is occupied by the Russians.' And when we flew over the Ruzyně airport, we asked, where the tanks were, and we had a lot of fun about it, we didn't take it seriously at all, even though there were already photographed tanks in the Prague newspapers. But there was nothing here at the time. And I came back and I had an acquaintance in Mošnov, I had a friend there, and I came back from France and followed him to Mošnov. And I don't know what day it was anymore, but we were at the cinema in the evening and then we were just walking around. There was a whole bunch of pilots and technicians, and suddenly planes began to fly. And the boys said, "Well, that makes no sense today, the training flights are already way over." And no one knew what was going on.”

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Don’t come back, Czechoslovakia is occupied!

Jarmila Fajtová on contemporary photo
Jarmila Fajtová on contemporary photo
photo: Archiv Jarmily Fajtové

Jarmila Fajtová, a single Hamplová, was born on March 4, 1945 in Police nad Metují. She attended primary school in Chválkovice, then she graduated from Dvůr Králové Higher Industrial Textile School. Subsequently, she joined the Cotton Research Institute, where she worked all her life. The occupation in 1968 caught her in Mošnov near the military airport. She married in 1969. Later she participated in the organization of the Kocian Violin Competition, on that occasion she met, for example, Vladimír Remek, she also knows a number of important Czech violinists. In 2021 she lived in Ústí nad Orlicí.