Věra Fabiánová

* 1937  

  • “And then it happened that Zlata Pechová did not send us any letters any more, they imprisoned dad in that year, 1949. He was in a custody for a year. It was in Litoměřice. Mom used to visit him, there was not much clothes [to wash] and she always brought a torn shirt with blood stains, I remember that. And she always cried and always [said]: where do I get the clothes? As clothes were not generally available at that time. And so this lasted for a year. Then, dad was arrested and some other gentlemen, too, Mr. Holman and all those from Řepín, but, mainly, dad's friend Mr. Jindřich who manufactured grist grinders and Mr. Hořejší of Mlazice who made baby prams, he was sentenced to death. He was hung. He did nothing, believe me. And dad got a life sentence but he appealed so he got twenty five years of hard prison. So mom only saw him at that court, as it was the people's court or how they called it at that time and mom cried, you know, it was cruel!”

  • "One day, dad brought an English pilot to our house. And he said, Věruška, an uncle came to visit us but you must not tell it to anyone. And so mom cut slices of homemade bread, spread lard on them, and I remember it, how I always looked at her. And then dad and Mr. Martinovský, who worked in that forest, in Řepín and such, he worked as a forester in Řepín. I do not know how they made each other understood, [probably] through Zlata Pechová who used to help dad with how they had the transceiver. Dad had a transceiver and they transmitted news to England, simply. So I remember of all that only how dad told us how they hid him in Repin: Mr. Tomiga, Father Tomiga, Mr. Holman and other gentlemen whose names I do not remember. Maybe I could remember but then, it would be just from stories. And then they took him to that sugar refinery and he helped them too and they took him further on and they helped him this way..."

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How could they torment such a good and brave man?

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ID photo
photo: Průkazová fotografie

Věra Fabiánová, née Růžičková, was born on the 31st of March in 1937 in Vavřineč, a village on the edge of Mělník. During WWII, her father, Josef Růžička, was connected to the resistance group Národní mstitel [National Avenger] and he participated in hiding and saving a British pilot. In 1949, during a search in her father’s house, a transceiver and a hand gun was found which he kept from the war. He was arrested and after being held in custody for a long time, he was sentenced for high treason to twenty five years in prison. Other members of the resistance group were arrested and tried as well, one of them was sentenced to death. Josef Růžička was serving his sentence, among others, in the Jachymov labour camp where his family could visit him once in a month. He got an early release due to an amnesty in 1960, after having served eleven years in prison. Witness’ older brother Miloslav Růžička graduatded from a secondary technical school despite bad family background. Věra apprenticed as a hairdresser and worked in Mělník In 1955, she got married and raised two children.