Květa Dvořáková

* 1928

  • "His father worked here; he emptied the streams there. And then when the furnace was blown out, when everything was being cleaned, of course also the channels under the furnace, he was so small and handy... so he crawled through it, it was all cleaned manually. We curious children were crawling with him. So I can say that it was under the Císařs and that we didn't mind that they didn't expel us. We brought flowers to Miss Zdenička."

  • "My aunt's son, as he left for Palestine, he joined ... we have it printed somewhere, it's in an archive somewhere, so he joined the English army. After the revolution, he said he was alive and well. He even came to vacation and then he returned. And in February 1946 he was released from the army, so he could return and join the radio broadcasting. He translated messages from abroad into Czech. His name was Milan Kohn."

  • "I remember the expulsion of the Jews, because my aunt I was there with her; she had a Jewish husband, but she was already a widow. Her only son went to Palestine and she was connected to the Jews, she had many acquaintances. I know that we helped them pack. They were only allowed to take about fifteen kilos or so with them."

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Life reflections in Tasic glass

Photo from the studies at the Private Business School Ing. Evžen Maděra in Prague 2, 1942
Photo from the studies at the Private Business School Ing. Evžen Maděra in Prague 2, 1942
photo: archiv Květa Dvořáková

Květa Dvořáková was born on April 1, 1928 in Bělá na Vysočině, where she graduated from a two-grade school and then finished primary school in the nearby town of Ledeč nad Sázavou. In 1942 she started studying at the private Business School of Ing. Maděra and lived with her great-grandfather Anna Kohnová in Prague in Vinohrady. Since June 1945 she worked in the Prometheus printing and publishing house. In 1948, she joined the office in the glassworks in Tasice as a payroll accountant and shortly afterwards went on maternity leave. She eventually remained in the Tasice glassworks until 1986.