Daniela Draská

* 1934

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Many families were leaving for Protectorate

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Daniela Draská
photo: Ilustrační

Daniela Draská, née Kotková was born on 19 August 1934 in Nýřany. Her father worked as a mine carpenter and his mother took care of a home farm. Nýřany became part of Sudetenland as a consequence of Munich dictate in 1938 and boarders between Reich’s territory and the rest of Czechoslovakia or more precisely Protectorate were demarcated in the near surroundings of the town. Witness experienced arrival of German occupation units, she remembers everyday life in Nýřany under Nazi government and also liberation by American army. She started to go to a German school when she was seven years old. After the end of the war, she started to study at Czech school and she later studied at grammar school. Her family was affected by monetary reform in 1953. She taught in Nýřany since 1959.