Stanislav Doubek

* 1947

  • “We climbed the beam to about half of the height of the church and we wrote the name ‘Dubček’ there. The sign remained there for about ten years, because they were all too scared to climb up there. When we climbed up there, we naturally took some alcoholic encouragement before doing it, and thank God, nothing happened to us while we were writing it there.”

  • “The session in the Regional Court in Hradec Králové was really fantastic. We arrived there and suddenly there was a blackout and there was no electricity in the entire court building. When they finally invited us to the courtroom, in two minutes they told us that everything was all right about the previous sentence that we had gotten in Semily, and they sent us home.”

  • “The conditions in the prison… In Valdice, they did not even have any cells prepared for the prisoners from the 1st reformative group who were supposed to share prison cells with four or six inmates. There was a large hall instead where they placed all one hundred and fifty of us. One hundred and fifty people on one floor in three-tiered bunk beds, it was bloody cold there because we got admitted in December and in January the temperature dropped to twenty degrees below zero, the windows were broken… well, to put it shortly, it was not warm inside. There were four toilets and four water taps.”

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    Bozkov, 27.01.2015

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Young people should get a chance

As a young man
As a young man
photo: archiv pamětníka

Stanislav Doubek was born in 1947 in the village of Bozkov. As the son of an independent tradesman, he had to serve in the units working on road construction while he was doing his military service. During the events of August 1968 he took part in protest rallies and in 1970 he was sentenced to nine months of imprisonment for sedition and subversion. After his release he worked in a restaurant, in a shop and in the Kovozávod factory in Semily. After 1989 he was elected the chairman of the workers’ labour union committee. In 1994 he was elected the mayor of Bozkov, a position he kept for sixteen years.