Valentyna Platonivna Denysjuk

* 1929

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Some pretended they were Bandera’s soldiers and they were stealing, but the insurgents were not doing this

Valentyna Platonivna Denysjuk, 1957
Valentyna Platonivna Denysjuk, 1957
photo: archiv Valentyny Platonivny Denysjuk

Valentyna Platonivna Denysjuk was born on November 16, 1929 in the village Tarakaniv in the Rivne province in the then Poland. While living in western Ukraine she experienced both the Soviet (1939-1941) and the Nazi (1941-1944) occupation of Volhynia. During the Nazi occupation she actively served as a messenger (zvyazkova) for the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. She was distributing pamphlets, preparing food for the fighters and relaying messages among the individual insurgent groups. After the liberation of western Ukraine by the Red Army in 1944, Valentyna Denysjuk was arrested in 1947 and interrogated and interned in the town of Dubno. She was sentenced to a total of ten years of imprisonment and in 1948 she was transported to the Soviet labour camp (gulag) Pechora in the Komi Republic in the north of the Soviet Union. She was working on a railroad construction there and in the early 1950s she was transported to the Irkutsk area, where she was logging wood in the forest. She was released in 1954 and after her arrival to Dubno she worked in a machinery factory where she was eventually promoted to a position of an accountant. Her sister Nadja and her husband Onufrij Mychajlovič (1927-1990) were arrested for their support of the Ukrainian insurgents as well. Her husband was interned in the gulag Norilsk in the Krasnoyarsk region. At present Valentyna Denysjuk lives in Dubno in the Rivne province in western Ukraine.