Marie Danielová

* 1932

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My father was saved by pig

Contemporary portrait
Contemporary portrait
photo: archiv pamětnice

Marie Danielová, née Pokorná, was born on 28 September, 1932 in Pánov near Velká Bíteš in a farmer´s family. At the end of WW2 near the farm of the Pokorný family a group of partisans settled down in the village. The parents of witness gave them food. Several weeks prior to the liberation the partisans were unfortunately discovered. The father of Marie Danielová together with several other neighbours were almost shot to death by the Germans, and they were only saved by a stroke of luck. Following the communistic taking over the power Mr. Pokorný was persecuted again and this time he spent half a year in prison for not fulfilling the doses, without any trial taking place. The family was forced to join the agricultural cooperative. In 1951 the witness married into the nearby village of Jestřebí. During the regime getting softer in 1968 Marie Danielová with her husband left the cooperative and began farming on their own; later she worked as a cook.