Věra Chudobová

* 1944

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A just judge

Věra Chudobová (Ruprechtová) as a young girl
Věra Chudobová (Ruprechtová) as a young girl
photo: archiv pamětnice

Věra Chudobová, née Ruprechtová, was born September 5, 1944 in Kunčice (now part of Letohrad) as the second child of Mrs. Věra and Mr. Alois Ruprecht. Her father JUDr. Alois Ruprecht was a judge in the District Court in Šumperk and in 1948 he refused to sentence several men according to predefined instructions of the Communist Party. The communist regime immediately expelled him from his judicial office and sent him to do unqualified labour as a worker. Six years later a corrupt judge sentenced him to seven years of imprisonment in a politically motivated mass trial. At that time, the State Police StB purposely brought to trial a group of 19 persons who had been allegedly conspiring against the state under the leadership of Mr. Zdeněk Pospíšil Sr., the former owner of the Spa Bludov, who according to what StB claimed had been preparing for an armed take over of power and terrorist acts. The StB even accused them of an alleged plan to carry president Edvard Beneš by airplane from Štědrákova Lhota to a foreign country. Alois Ruprecht eventually spent nearly six years in prisons and in the corrective labour camp facility Bytíz. The other members of the family, including children, were not free from persecution, either. In spite of their good academic results, they were not allowed to pursue their studies in the fields they had chosen. Věra thus eventually studied a school of agriculture. She then worked in the service station (STS) for agricultural machines in Šumperk and in the company ACHP Šumperk. After the fall of the communist regime she bought a production shop in Velké Losiny on hire-purchase and for several years she was a successful owner and leader of the company Fytor Plant Protection Chudobová.