Adolf Černý

* 1942

  • “Then there were party checks. Even before those began, it can be said that the national committees’ management was liquidated, because not everyone did agree with the entry of troops, so they had to resign. The former chairman of the National Committee came to me with the idea that it would be good for me to return to the party. It was the fact that quite large contributions were paid at the time, and being in the Communist Party meant paying contributions, and we didn't like it very much. They were quite high. He promised that I would not have paid the full amount of those contributions and that it would be good for someone sensible to stay there. So the gentleman, the chairman, was expelled from the party, in our country, the chairman, who was in the racing organization, was also expelled. So they convinced me to pay again. 'You have a family, you have this, don't do anything stupid.' It is true that those who did not return, they had to pay a high price for it. Specifically, my sister, who was the head of the child care department at ONV in Jablonec, she was deposed here. My brother-in-law was the headmaster of the school, he was also deposed, actually he was expelled.”

  • "There are, of course, memories of the US military for a number of reasons. One reason is that there were some black soldiers. It was something interesting for us children. And then we got chocolate from those soldiers, which was quite... at that time, probably the other children didn't know."

  • "My parents met in Prague in an interesting way. The mother worked in the military intelligence of France. She spoke German and French, and the father was a soldier in Prague at the time. Well, they got acquainted at the event, where a kind of inspection of the construction of the forts that were being built at that time was carried out, and in fact it was... not under license, but according to the French model. This test of such forts took place in Slaný and my father was there as a soldier. My mother was there with the delegation, the French military delegation, so they met there. They were still in Prague until the beginning of the war, and when the father was demobilized, they had to move. They have moved to father's original place of residence or birthplace."

  • “Grandmother - because they joined the Germans, she was more or less waiting to be expelled. But somehow, since her husband did not serve in the army, he was disabled, and her grandmother could speak Czech, so she was practically Czech, just married to a German. My grandfather didn't know a word of Czech. But then, in fact, after the intervention of the father, they didn't force them to leave and they stayed here.”

  • "The fact that my mother spoke perfect German and I that my name was Adolf, so when I was like... I was supposed to be able to run, but I haven't spoken yet. So there was a raid in that village, and they actually inspected every house in detail. It was after the assassination of Heydrich. So when they came to our barracks, my mother called Adolf and spoke German to them. So they didn't actually look at anything, my mother made them some coffee and they actually left right away."

  • "When I was born, my father was totally employed by Škoda. Where he actually apprenticed a painter; first he trained and then worked as a painter in the company. Then, when he went to military, he stayed in the army, because he did the non-commissioned officer school and he stayed there as an elder, as an elder one could say. And for that reason he was totally deployed to Skoda. Well, Skoda began to produce war material, there were tanks and cannons for the German army."

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They made fun of me for being named after Hitler

Wedding photo of Adolf Černý
Wedding photo of Adolf Černý
photo: Archiv

Adolf Černý was born in February 1942 in Darová in the Rokycany region. Before the war, his father was a professional soldier, but at the time of his birth he was fully deployed in the company Škoda Plzeň. After the war, he returned to the army for a while and served in the repair department of the American garrison in Stříbro. Adolf spent most of his life in Jablonec nad Nisou. Due to the local tradition of jewellery making, he also got a specialised training as his parents wished. Although he was successful in his work, he did not enjoy working in the field very much. During the war in the early 1960s, he experienced a state of emergency during the Cuban and Berlin crises. After returning to civilian life, he joined Severočeské papírenské závody as a driver, where he remained until the beginning of the 1990s, already in the position of sales director. He was a member of the Communist Party and secretary of the district national committee. He now runs a business and has his own cardboard company. He is critical of the post-November development, especially privatization.