Halyna Čabanová

* 1952

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Without Maidan, there would be no Ukraine

Halyna Čabanová in the 1960s
Halyna Čabanová in the 1960s
photo: archive of Halyna Čabanová

Halyna Čabanová was born on July 8, 1952 in Lutsk, western Ukraine. Her father was Ukrainian, her mother came from a Czech family. Her father was persecuted by the Soviet regime because of his views. After high school, she began studying economics at the University of Lviv. Later she worked in the Lviv computer centre. Thanks to her knowledge of the Czech language, she earned extra money as a guide for Czechoslovak tourists. Together with them, she also visited the Summer Olympics in Moscow in 1980. In the 90s, she started working as an accountant. Halyna Čabanová supported the so-called Orange Revolution, or the Euromaidan movement. She is involved in the expatriate association Česká beseda in Lviv. She is married, the mother of two daughters, and the grandmother of one granddaughter. In January 2018, she lived in Lviv.