Václav Boška

* 1960

  • “The [urban] combat training began in Jaroměř. It was even rumoured they’d give us a different commander, but that didn’t happen. Then there was news: we’d go to Poland; it was possible they might throw petrol bombs at us; we wouldn’t be welcome there and we’d have to fight back against the Poles. The officers said: ‘When one of your friends bursts into flames. You’ll understand, when someone rushes you with a petrol bomb, you’ll have to shoot, so you don’t burn up yourselves.’”

  • “We left Benešov at 7 p.m. It was freezing, terribly cold. We drove through the whole night and arrived in Jaroměř at 9 in the morning. We tried to write letters home on the way because it wasn’t possible to do so before leaving the barracks. And we felt that something was going on. When we stopped for a break, when people brought us tea, we gave the letters to them to send them. The blocks of flats shone with lights, people watched from their balconies. Towards the morning we passed through Hradec Králové. As drivers we had to drive with our heads stuck out, you couldn’t see a thing from inside. We were chilled to the bone. Then the convoy started getting disrupted by civilian cars with people on their way to work. They didn’t realise that if they braked, our tracks wouldn’t allow us to stop quick enough. So we had to zig-zag along the road, at times driving into the opposite lane. The tracks were often worn out already, they skidded over the icy road, they didn’t brake. It was very dangerous even for those civilians, who didn’t comprehend what was going on.”

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Training urban combat

Václav Boška, 1980
Václav Boška, 1980
photo: Václav Boška

Václav Boška was born on 20 July 1960. He has lived in Střítež near Volyně his whole life. Already as a child he had an affinity with nature. In October 1979 he began compulsory military service, and in December 1980 he took part in the Krkonoše 1980 field exercise in Benešov as a BVP-1 driver in the 1st Company 1st Battalion of the 79th Motor Rifle Regiment (VÚ 6175). In October 1981, upon completing his service he returned to his job at ČZ Strakonice. He married a year later. From 1983 he sold saplings at markets, and in 1997 he started his own gardening shop, which he continues to run to this day.