Marie Bártová, roz. Procházková

* 1922

  • “We lived here during World War II, and this is where the air raids were the worst. There were maybe eleven of them. We would run to the cellar. I was still employed in Lnáře shortly before that. And once I walked home after an air raid when the main station was in ruins. I walked all the way from Lnáře to Plzeň. I don’t know how I made it, that period. Thank God no one of us was even injured but we feared a lot.”

  • “I lived in Lnáře when we were liberated; Americans came so we went to welcome them. I met one of the soldiers; I knew German and he knew a little Czech and a little German, so that’s how we talked. Those are my best memories of the liberation. Hard times came later when I was assigned in various positions, for example in Kladruby where the Czech school was only being renewed when we were there. That was the borderland. It used to be the Protectorate. That was a difficult beginning.”

  • “Yes, I was a CPC member too. Since I was quite eloquent I used to be involved in various events. But over time I left the party. It was as early as in... I don’t even know what year it was. Every era is specific, different, but I think mistakes happened, happen and will happen in any other era as well. For example, I cannot remember anyone harming others during the communist era. For myself, I tended to give advice to someone who wanted when I was a committee member. But I think this was, is and will always be so in history – there are always good people and bad people. Some people want to help and some want to hurt intentionally. Being a teacher the majority of people I met were nice. I cannot say I experienced something dramatic that would deserve remembering. I cannot remember. Speaking out now – at the time when memories of the injustice done during the communist rule appeared or were published. I thought I would not continue the injustice and I left.”

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There are always good people and bad people

Marie Bártová, roz. Procházková
Marie Bártová, roz. Procházková
photo: Archiv - Pamět národa

Marie Bártová, née Procházková, was born on 21 October 1922 in Nýrskon in Western Bohemia. Her family moved often and she graduated from a high school in Beroun. Later she became a teacher qualified to teach history, geography and Czech. She witnessed many air raids in and around Plzeň during World War II but she remembers primarily the liberation by the US Army. After the war she was worked as a teacher in many various places, including helping to renew a Czech school in Kladruby in the former Sudeten... While a teacher in Chotěšov she met her future husband, a teacher; they married in 1949 and two daughters were born to them. She also joined the Communist Party after the war and being an eloquent person she worked on many committees. When the injustice committed by the party was published she left the party. She currently lives in a home for the elderly.