Jarmila Bartošíková

* 1932

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We felt like slaves

Jarmila Bartošíková, contemporary photograph
Jarmila Bartošíková, contemporary photograph
photo: Soukromý archiv J. Bartošíkové

Jarmila Bartošíková was born on January 5, 1932 in Havlíčkův Borová (until 1949 the village was called Borová). Her father František Dvořák became the heir of the local brewery, where he stored and imported Pardubice beer to the surrounding pubs. In 1937 he crashed on a motorcycle and subsequently died of tetanus. After his death, his mother Aloisie married František Musil, who owned a pub and a butcher’s shop in the village, and he also owned ten hectares of fields. When twenty hectares belonging to the brewery were added to this, they became the largest farmers in the village. During the war, František Musil was arrested and imprisoned because he had flour grounded illegally. Persecution accompanied the Musil family even during the 1950s. First, their machines were confiscated, the fields were replaced, and finally a house search took place. In 1958, the Musils were sentenced to imprisonment for damaging traffic by the district court in Chotěboř. Their daughters had to take care of the farm. Aloisie’s mother was imprisoned in the Pardubice women’s prison, where actress Jiřina Štěpničková was serving her sentence at the same time. After his father returned from prison, the state security offered him cooperation, which he vehemently refused. In the second half of the 1960s, the film Night of the Bride was shot on the premises of the brewery, capturing collectivization and the atmosphere of harsh communist ideology. At the time of filming, the witness lived in Havlíčkova Borová (2020).