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Jaroslav Režný (1935) - Records

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  • Born in Borovo in the former Yugoslavia on 16 March 1935
  • Spent his childhood and World War II in Zlín-Podvesná
  • Joined the 3rd Unit of Junák boy scouts in Zlín and made his vow in 1947
  • Was a member of M. Mendřec’s Boy Scout group after the post-1948 ban on scouting
  • Group members made their vows in the spring of 1951
  • Interrogated by StB together with M. Mendřec in the autumn and the next January
  • The group joined a mountain climbing club in 1952
  • Obtained vocational education as a turner and machine fitter
  • Served in the military from 1955 to 1957
  • Graduated from a high school after a distance course and studied at the BUT in Brno
  • Worked as the head designer at Barum Otrokovice until retirement
  • Briefly was a member of the Malenovice tourist club
  • Reunited with old scouts after 1989

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Interview recorded in the framework of the project: Stories of 20th Century, language Czech.
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