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Jenovefa Poňuchálková (1924) - Photo gallery

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1940 - the funeral of the young man. In the picture, women have "vlňáky" - throws over the shoulders, about which the interviewees speak at the end of the war
1943 - Jenovefa as a single girl in a festive costume (hand-embroidered)
1944 - Jenovefa brothers and sisters, the feast of the Divine body, with a decorated altar
1944 - 1944 - Jenovefa in vintage in Nechory (the complex of wine cellars)
1945 - the newlyweds Jenovefa and Karel
1945 - the wedding and the guests at the houses of the bride
1978 - Jenovefa at the trade fair in Brno, a tour of a collective farm
Undated - the fire department Prušánky, husband and daddy interviewees as firefighters
1940 - throws, single girls in normal clothes
2012 -Jenovefa on the far right with her friends in the costume of married women
1945 - portrait
2004 - with brother Štefinem and sister Žofií on the celebration of his birthday
1954 - children interviewees
1936 - the memory of childhood and of the lady that every Sunday in front of his house selling candy pieces
1994 - portrait
2017 - portrait
1964 - portrait
1959 - Jenovefa with children and friends, painting the cellar in the Nechory
1955 - mother-in-law Jenovefy, who took care of the kids
1939 - the photo on the first card
Jenovefa in clothes called "pasina"
1934 - first holy communion photos at the vicarage
2016 - Jenovefa (on the left) with her niece at the meeting of the elderly
Jenovefa (right) with sister and friend in ceremonial costume
Undated - Jenovefa "in our garden"
1942 - vintage
Undated - Prušánky before the war, the view from the church tower on the school
1929 - Prušánky, the view from the street, where she lived Jenovefa
1942 - Nechory, the village wine cellars
1945 - view of the wine cellar, which the Russian troops were wrong with the bunker



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