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Mariana Crhounková (1931) - Biography

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We had our things packed in boxes, but then an ordinance arrived and said that mixed marriages would not be evicted

Mariana Crhounková, née Kappelová, was born in Třemešek (Timischl in German) in the Jeseníky promontory on 19 September 1931. Her father was a Czech and her mother's family came from Austria. During World War II the family lived near the train station in Troubelice, right next to a Soviet POW camp. Mariana Crhounková may be the last surviving witness of the situation in the local camp, and she still owns rings that Russian POWs made for her using the German Mark coins. In her recollections, she mentions particular Soviet POWs as well as the German wardens. The family was to be deported after the war. They all had their 50 kilo pieces of luggage ready. At the last moment, they were excluded from the deportation and stayed in Czechoslovakia. The family then moved to Oskava where the witness married Josef Crhounek and worked at the local Moravolen textiles factory until her retirement. She still lived in Oskava in 2018.

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