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Magdalena Toufarová (1924) - Biography

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I ran, fell down and ran again. And I prayed

Magdalena Toufarová, née Lánská, was born in Březové Hory (a neighbourhood of Příbram today) on 16 July 1924 to the family of a business owner. The Lánský family owned a print shop in Březové Hory. Her father Josef Lánský along with her brother and brother-in-law made anti-Nazi leaflets there during World War II. The Gestapo arrested and imprisoned them for their resistance effort. Josef Lánský died of the consequences of his imprisonment in Leipzig in March 1945. After his arrest the family met with shows of solidarity on the part of Příbram citizens. The family also showed courage and compassion, accommodating a Jewish family during the Nazi persecution of Jews. Magdalena Toufarová left for forced labour deployment in Germany in early 1944. She worked close to the Dora concentration camp and witnessed inhumane treatment of the prisoners by the Nazis. She experienced the massive bombing of Germany towards the end of the war and an air raid of Nordhausen where she worked, which killed many people around her. She decided to flee and took a difficult journey home. She witnessed the liberation of Czechoslovakia in Březové Hory and the arrival of the US Army and the Soviet Army, and also of the Vlasov forces leaving Příbram to help Prague. She also witnessed the cruel treatment of German soldiers at the end of the war. She was married twice and has a stepdaughter. She lives in Příbram.

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