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Marija Siruk, roz. Špiková (1943) - Biography

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When we arrived and saw the hunger, my mum wanted to walk back to Slovakia

Marija Siruk, née Špiková, was born in Vyšná Polianka in the period Slovak State on 30 May 1943. The family was all of Ruthenian origin, and when the Ruthenians from the east of Slovakia were offered the option of "repatriation" in the USSR in exchange for Volhynian Czechs in 1947, her father chose to relocate. The family settled in Moldava (Molodavo in Ukrainian) in the west of the current Ukraine. The witness completed a school, married Ukrainian Oleh Siruk, and got a job in the Molodavo library, retiring in 2000. In 1993 the former Ruthenian "repatriates" were offered the relocation back to Slovakia, but Marija Siruk and husband were not admitted. She currently has the status of a Slovak expatriate and she still lives in Molodavo.

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