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Stanislav Pazderka (1932) - Biography

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Nobody cared how much you harvested. You had to deliver the amount that they had prescribed to you. And it was devastating

Stanislav Pazderka was born on November 6, 1932 in Bořetice in southern Moravia where his family owned a farm with six hectares of fields and half a hectare of vineyards. His parents did not support the Communist Party and for this reason they stopped voting in the staged elections after February 1948. His father refused to sign the Stockholm Appeal and to surrender his property and join the Unified Agricultural Cooperative (JZD). The authorities therefore prescribed very high delivery quotas to the family and sent their son to serve in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP). Stanislav Pazderka spent 26 months in these units. In 1956 his father was sentenced twice to a three-month prison term in this hopeless situation, the family eventually joined the Unified Agricultural Cooperative in 1959. Stanislav's brother Josef, who was two years older, went to Austria in 1968 and after completing his studies in the Society of Jesus he was ordained a priest. He subsequently moved to London where he shepherded the Czechoslovak emigrants who lived in Great Britain. He only returned to Czechoslovakia after the fall of the communist regime. After the family had joined the Unified Agricultural Cooperative, Stanislav began working on the state-owned farm. In 1957-1961 he did distance study and he completed a secondary school of agriculture and from 1976 until his retirement he worked in the company Sempra Olomouc. In 1962 he married Helena Bocvanová, and they had two sons: Petr and Pavel. The family has been living in Olomouc since 1970.

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