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Ladislav Lakomý (1929) - Biography

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Our commander told us that the street will be paved with our heads

Ladislav Lakomý was born on 11 September, 1929 at the family estate in Břuchotín in the Olomouc region. His father, who lost a part of his leg in the WW1 was the village major in 1927 - 1941. During collectivization the family refused to join the united agricultural cooperative (JZD). Therefore they got high supplies of agricultural produce, subsequently had to let employees go and the son had to join the technical troops (PTP). Ladislav Lakomý spent twenty-six months there. Meanwhile in Břuchotín in 1952 the JZD cooperative was established, but fell apart a year later. Ladislav went back to the family estate, which he took over in 1955. Not for long though, as the pressure was growing and the family had no other choice but the join the JZD. Even that did not prevent further persecution and in December 1959 the father was arrested by the State police and was sentenced to six years in prison in an artificial trial. After two and half years in the infamous Leopoldov the father was released during amnesty in 1962. After the fall of communism all the estate ground was given back to the family, but after such long time no one was able to follow the family tradition and private farming. The ground is now rented by the agricultural cooperative in Učovice. In 2018 Ladislav Lakomý lived with his wife at the family estate in Břuchotín.


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