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Jaromíra Marinovová (1925) - Biography

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Not to fear, not to lie and not to steal

Jaromíra Marinovová, née Polívková, was born on 30 October 1925 in Slovakia. Her father passed away when she was still young. She was most influenced by her grandma who was a very progressive and emancipated woman, active in the Sokol movement. During the war, she was sent to forced labour and unable to finish high school. She therefore only graduated after its end. She then went on to study economics at a university. After the February 1948 communist takeover, she was fired from the school for allegedly "disturbing the consolidation efforts of the party and the government". She had to undergo a certification as PILAŘ and for many years, worked at a sawmill in Zdice. She was only rehabilitated in 1991, graduating from university after 43 long years. She got married to Ilja, a Bulgarian residing in Czechia since 1950s. The Bulgarian culture and mentality became a part of her life. She has a daughter and as of 2018, lives in an elderly people's home in Dřevčice and in Prague 4.


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