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Božena Valterová (1938) - Biography

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I thought, maybe my dad will be released earlier if I join the SSM

Božena Valterová, née Jemelková, was born in Kozlovice in the Přerov District on 12 February 1938. She grew up with a younger sister and a brother in house no. 1, one of the biggest farms in the village. During the farming collectivisation in April 1955, her father Alois Jemelka with six other farmers in Kozlovice (as well as his father-in-law Josef Nevtípil) were arrested and sentenced to thirteen years, foreclosure of property and loss of civil rights, and prohibited to live in the community for ten years. Božena Valterová was sacked from the Přerov Grammar School right after her father's arrest. The family lived on the verge of poverty for years. The witness married Jan Valter in 1959. They lived with his parents in Šumava for a brief period, but settled in Moravia due to difficulties finding a job. They had problems finding a steady job for years, until her husband got the position as a janitor at Přerov's farming high school in late 1960s and Božena Valterová became the cook at the local canteen. They raised two children together.

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