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Ernestina Švorcová (1934) - Biography

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Honor, love and good for everyone

Ernestina Švorcová, née Pätoprstá, was born in Viničné near Pezinok in Slovakia on 25 February 1934. Her father Michal Pätoprstý owned a farm in the Carpathians where he raised sheep, Angora rabbits, hens and silkworms. He worked in Bratislava at the Ministry of Agriculture as an inspector in charge of poultry farms in Czechoslovakia. With the arrival of the Nazis, the family initially helped people cross the border to Hungary. Later on, her father along with Mr Noskovič, the director of a bank in Bratislava and Mr Rudo Vyskočil, the director of a Trnava liqueur plant supported a group of 185 guerrillas led by Cpt. Jozef Brunovský. Ernestina Švorcová was a connection and helped hiding people in a bunker in the garden. Along with her grandfather, she brought weapons for paratrooper and radio operator Jozef Maco who was hiding with her father's brother in law. Due to treason, her father was arrested by the Gestapo three days before the end of the war; he never returned and his destiny is unknown. Ernestina Švorcová remembers the end of the war and the liberation by Soviet Army. After the war, she graduated from a correspondence school of business and worked with ČSAD (transport company). She married in 1954 and lived with her husband in Štúrovo for two years, then moved to Hrušovany near Brno where both worked at Baťa. The witness was a member of an amateur theatre and dance group, was a member of the Svaz mládeže youth organisation, and played volleyball until 1978. The family moved to Bechyně in 1986 and Ernestina Švorcová worked at the local JIKA ceramics plant until retirement. She lives in Bechyně and takes part in discussions on World War II in schools.

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