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Jana Bartošová (1950) - Biography

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In August 1968 the young Russian soldiers themselves did not know what is happening, why they are here

Jana Bartošová was born 22.7. 1950 in Prague. She attended Elementary school of Mladá garda in Prague 7. She had other two elder siblings, brother and sister. The parents were devoted Christians and the elder siblings were brought up strictly catholic, she had more freedom. She describes her childhood as very positive. She was very active child, especially in sports, having very open and daring personality. Since elementary school she loves maths. The dream of becoming fashion designer didn't come to live and she joined engineering high school. The family was not politically engaged, however her father as member of intelligent class was sent to factory work, where he later had accident which had his leg malfunction for the rest of his life. She worked in Pragovka as the design engineer of car-parts. She later left the company on her own will as protest against injustice done to her colleague. After death of her mother whom she was home-caring for quite a time, she joins day bar as barman for 10 years. For several years also as registrar - marriage clerk. Since 1969 she is active in balloon flying in Czech, member of Svazarm. She flies many countries and championships. After 1990 she starts her own brand Luftbaba and provides recreational balloon flying. She ends with flying in 1997 after very serious injury caused during landing. Mrs. Bartošová is the pioneer for Czech Balloon flying, she was one of the first woman pilot sever. Between 1985 - 1998 she was a president of Balonklub Praha. May 6th she joined the Fame Hall of Museum of Balloon Flying in Czech Republic.



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