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Master of Fine Arts Jarmila Sikytová, roz. Havlíková (1930) - Biography

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I have held various precious textiles in my hand

Jarmila Sikytová, née Havlíková, was born in the mill in Dobřichovice on August 1, 1930 as a child of several generations of millers. She spent her childhood and her school years until the higher elementary school in Dobřichovice. Shortly after the war she completed her study at the trade academy in Santoška in Prague. After graduation she was admitted to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague to the studio of bobbin lace led by professor Paličková, and she graduated in 1956. After completing her study she focused on restoration of textiles and she devoted her entire professional life to this specialization. In 1964-1965 she restored the treasure of the St. Vitus Cathedral. She also took part in restoration of curtains from synagogues owned by the Jewish Museum, flags from the Konopiště Castle, textiles from the treasure of the Karlštejn Castle, or from the reliquary of St. Maurus. She worked independently as a freelancer until the 1980s when the State Restoration Studios were established, and she then had to compete with them for customers. In the 1990s, however, the State Studios were either privatized or closed down and she became able to work independently again. Jarmila Sikytová also worked as an expert tutor for beginning restoration specialists and she was active in her profession until the age of eighty. She only stopped working several years ago. She lives in Dobřichovice near Prague.

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