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Rudolf Albrecht (1911) - Biography

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“I was restless. I had to be everywhere and see everything.”

MUDr. Rudolf Albrecht was born on the 18th of October, 1911 in Lelekovice near Brno. His father was a farmer and his mother ran the household. After finishing his medical studies, Rudolf went into compulsory military service. After the mobilization, he served as an army medic. He passed exams at a military academy in Prague and was then transferred to Ostrava, Opava and Olomouc. During the war he was active in the anti-fascist resistance. He worked for an insurance company and could, for instance, issue sickness certificates to various people. In 1949, after the communists came to power, he was arrested for allegedly trying to escape abroad. He was sentenced to two years in prison and served his sentence in Pankrác penitentiary in Prague and in other prisons in Cheb, Brno etc. After his release, he wasn't allowed to work as a doctor so he trained and worked as an electrician. He was finally allowed to return to medicine after 1956. He was rehabilitated in 1968. He was an active member of the Sokol organization and participated in local politics as a vice-mayor of Lelekovice. He helped to build an observation tower Babí lom at a nearby hill.

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