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Róbert Uškovitš (1928) - Biography

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Róbert Uškovitš was born on December 5, 1928 in the village of Papradno in Považská Bystrica district. He comes from a teachers' family. He studied at grammar school in Žilina, where he graduated in 1949. During the summer 1949 he completed a teaching course and in the same year he began working as a teacher at the National School in Horná Tižina -Staňová rieka. On October 1, 1950 he received call-up papers and immediately enlisted in Košice anti-tank horse drawn artillery. After about a month he was called for political inspections and in November 1950, as a politically unreliable person (of ‘E' classification), he was deprived of gun and moved to Libavá in Moravia. Within the Auxiliary Technical Battalions he worked at different places until October 25, 1953. In 1954 he started to work as a planner for woodcarving cooperative in Rajecké Teplice, and then for a short period in 1956 he taught at elementary school in Terchová. In 1957 he became a director of school in Ovčiarsko; since 1958 he worked in Divina - Lúky, and in years 1962 - 1968 he was a teacher at elementary school in Strečno. Nowadays he lives retired in Rajecké Teplice.


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