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Ján Križan (1929) - Biography

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To pray and live well, as the Lord God has told us

A native of Čekovce lost his father when being only three years old, thus his whole childhood and youth Ján spent by the side of his mother. Only thanks to the help of his grandfather they survived and were able to pay debts left behind his father. As a young boy, Ján experienced horrors of the Second World War, and he personally encountered with German as well as Romanian Army. After 1948, as a farmer he got into conflict with communist socialization of the village, because allegedly he didn't want to surrender his farm into a cooperative, which wasn't founded in that village yet.  He was sent to Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP) and for more than two years he worked hard in mines. Because of his modesty he managed to support his poor mother, who had to work on farm alone and had to hand in unbearably high contingents. After completing the military service in PTP he returned home, got married, but nevertheless, he had to hand in his farm property. Regarding this fact, there was no real justification for his already served punishment. It was too late. It all was pointless.

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