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Professor, PhDr. Stanislava Kučerová (1927) - Biography

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Only then you merit freedom and life, if you struggle for them day by day

Stanislava Kučerová was born in 1927 in Hlohovec in Slovakia. As a young girl she spent her childhood in Machov and Náchod where she started attending the first grade of elementary school. Then she continued in Hradec Králové where she studied at first at the Municipal Girls‘ Grammar School and in 1945 she transferred to a Boys' State Rašín Grammar school, where she was the only girl in the class. She experienced the Protectorate era as well as when her father was summoned by the Gestapo. She had been a member of Sokol since her young age. The deportation of Germans as well as the separation of Czechoslovakia are still sensitive issues for her. Stanislava studied philosophy and comparative studies of world literature at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. However, the literature department was closed down in 1948, and so she continued with the study of sociology and philosophy and she received her doctoral degree from these subjects in 1952. She was also a member of the Youth Union at the philosophy department. Her uncle and aunt were marked as kulaks in 1949 and they lost their employees and eventually they were forced to join the Unified Agricultural Cooperative. In 1960 Stanislava started working at the pedagogical department of the Faculty of Arts in Olomouc, and from there she went to Dvůr Králové and later to Brno. Meanwhile she was also teaching at the music school in Trutnov. In 1968 she was expelled from her job and then she was not able to find another employment for half a year. Eventually she was commuting from Brno to Bratislava for seven years. Later she became a senior lecturer and in 1990 she became the dean of the Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. In 1993 she was appointed the professor of pedagogy.

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