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Josef Míchal (1939) - Biography

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Josef Míchal was born on July 20, 1939 in Jindřichův Hradec as the eldest son in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Míchal. He spent his childhood in Nová Včelnice (called Nový Etink at that time) where he also experienced the end of the war. After the war in 1947 he joined a Boy Scout troop and in 1948 he participated in the last summer camp under Komorník near Strmilov. His father was a member of the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party and after February 1948 he was briefly imprisoned for political reasons. This had an impact on Josef's life as well, because his unfavourable personal-political profile brought about significant limitations for him. As a young man he competed in boxing, representing the Club Slavoj České Budějovice. Apart from that, he was also active in ice hockey, at first as a player and later as a coach of the ice hockey team in Nová Včelnice that he led to victory in the regional league. He spent a large portion of his life working as a car repairman, specializing in car body production, and apart from that he also worked in agriculture and as a miner in uranium mines. During the Prague Spring in 1968 he took part in the events related to the restoration of Junák (Czech Boy Scout organization - transl.'s note) in Nová Včelnice. In 1989 he became a member of the Civic Forum and he joined the political life in his village. At this time he also actively supported the village's efforts to be recognized as a town, and they attained this status in 1998. Josef also cooperated on the restoration of Junák in Nová Včelnice after 1989 as a member of an Old Scout troop. At present he is retired.

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