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Jaroslava Svatošová roz. Brixí (1938) - Biography

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Everyone was confused, no one understood, what was going on with the Czech nation

Jaroslava Svatošová, née Brixí, was born on May 1, 1938 in Sobotka as the oldest of three children, on a farm that her family owned for centuries. In 1945 the German soldiers chased approximately 10000 prisoners of various nationalities from Russia via Sobotka. Some of them fled, three Englishmen and five Russians were hiding at the witness´ family, others hiding in the woods around the castle Kost. In 1948 the father Jindřich Brixi got imprisoned first time for six months. The family was still persecuted; the father refused to enter the agricultural cooperative and was imprisoned again in 1953. He was sentenced for five years. Jaroslava could not study. In the same year, despite the prohibition of school inspector Červinka, she was admitted to the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov. Thanks to the courage of the director Bezemek she finished her studies, but was not accepted. Professor Prudič from SUPŠ offered her his place in the Severoznak in Železný Brod. Jaroslav worked there for five years. In 1963 she married, and with her husband, Jiří Laušman, moved to Harrachov, where two daughters were born. In 1982, Jaroslava and Jiří got divorced, one year later Jaroslava married Václav Svatoš, and they have been living together in Turnov until today.


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