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Lidmila Nedbalová, roz. Tlučhořová (1925) - Biography

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We had air raids here when my son was born, so I had to grab him and run to the shelter

Lidmila Nedbalová was born on 3 May 1925 into the farming family of Tluchoř in Jestřábí Lhota near Kolín. She attended primary school in Jestřábí Lhota, Kolín, and Ovčáry, where she learnt to cook. Already as a child, she helped her parents on the farm. She married Josef Nedbal when she was seventeen so they might both avoid being sent to forced labour in the Reich during World War II. Soon after, in 1942, she gave birth to their son Josef; the young mother often had to hide with her baby in shelters to avoid air raids. When the Communists came to power in 1948, farms were collectivised en masse, and the witness's parents were pressured to join the local united agricultural cooperative (UAC). When they refused, the family farm and all their cattle was confiscated. Lidmila Nedbalová and her husband later joined the UAC and worked there for about thirty years. Besides their son Josef they also raised a daughter, Helena. Lidmila Nedbalová still lives in the village of her birth.

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