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Milan Ballek (1931) - Biography

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Peace of the soul, joy in the heart and a smile on one´s face

Milan Ballek was born on January 2, 1931 in Tvrdošín, in Orava region to parents Jozef Ballek and Mária née Arvaj. In his native town he attended elementary school; from 1941 he continued to study at grammar school in Dolný Kubín and later in Trstená. In September 1949 he was accepted to a priestly seminary in Spišská Kapitula. On October 1, 1952 he enlisted in the military service to an artillery regiment in Opava, Moravian - Silesian region. In years 1962 - 1980 he worked in Váhostav Žilina as a building site manager and was in charge of many building constructions in Žilina and its surroundings. From 1980 to 1990 he was a head of heavy assemblies for steel and prefabricated structures at the construction company in Žilina. He retired in 1991, but besides his pension he continued working as a building site manager for various companies. Nowadays he lives in Žilina.

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