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PhDr. Jiří Tichota (1937) - Biography

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One has to be aware that one is not alone in the world

Jiří Tichota was born on April 18, 1937 and he comes from a musical family. One of his ancestors, his great-great-grandfather Antonín Liehmann, was Antonín Dvořák's music teacher. Jiří's father Ing. Dr. Jiří Tichota was arrested in the 1950s, imprisoned without a trial and forced to collaborate with the StB. In 1961 he committed suicide. Jiří Tichota was not allowed to study and he had to work as a worker in the Spolana Neratovice chemical factory. Later he studied at the University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT) in Prague. He was interested in playing the guitar and cither, and he participated in establishing the music band Spirituál Kvintet. Jiří graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in 1965 and he earned his PhDr. degree in 1968. He is known as the art manager of the band Spirituál Kvintet and as the author of many of their lyrics. His wife is Zdenka Tichotová, née Tosková, and they have son Tomáš and daughter Lenka. At present he lives in Prague 4 and in Točná.

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