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Miriam (Mariana) Adamec roz. Neumannová (1925) - Biography

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"It was difficult, and adventurous. Almost all of my generation had it this way. Those who are here in Israel are those who are lucky."

Mariana Neumannová was born in 1925 into the family of a lawyer in Bratislava. She attended grammar school, but only finished her fourth year for racial reasons. She became a member of the leftist Zionist movement Hashomer Hacair. During the war she moved to Trenčín with her parents. In 1944, she and her parents had to hide using false documents, and the rest of her family perished. After the war, she studied foreign languages at university. In 1948, she went Israel, but after a year, returned to Czechoslovakia to study. She wanted to return to Israel, but the state borders had already closed. She taught Russian and German at university in Bratislava. In 1964, she and her husband attempted to emigrate, but their application was denied. In 1968, she and her family emigrated from Vienna to Israel, where she worked as a librarian. She currently lives in Haifa.

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