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Miriam Abeles (1932) - Biography

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I realized that I was a Jew again and that I wanted to live among Jews

Miriam Abeles, née Rothová, was born July 21, 1932 in Levoča into a Jewish family. Her parents had a shop and Miriam grew up as their only child. Her father died in 1939. Miriam's mother had Miriam baptized and fearing her deportation, she hid her in a convent in Spišský Štiavnik. Later Miriam got from there to a reformatory in Bytčica near Žilina which was managed by the Catholic Church. Miriam's mother willingly boarded a transport to Auschwitz where she died. Miriam Abeles remained in the church institution until the end of the war and her cousin then began taking care of her after the liberation. She lived with her other distant relatives in Slovakia as well. Thanks to her relatives she was introduced to the Zionist movement and she participated in summer camps of Maccabi Hatzair and she moved to a home for Jewish orphans in Bratislava. Together with other young Zionists she was preparing for a journey to Israel where she went in 1949 with her husband-to-be Chanan Abeles, who was a leader of a group of young immigrants to Israel. They settled in Kibbutz Kfar Maccabi, and some time later they moved from there to Haifa. Miriam and her husband raised two children and now (2016) they live in Haifa in a retirement home.

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