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František Malotín (1929) - Biography

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František Malotín was born on November 15, 1929, in Barchůvek near Nový Bydžov into the family of  large farmer Bohumil Malotín. He grew up with his brother, two years his senior, Bohumil. After the divorce of the parents the two brothers lived with her mother in Nový Bydžov, and spent their holidays with their father on the farm. After the February coup of 1948 the communists nationalised their father’s farm, taking away both his livelihood and the roof over his head. František went to study at the music conservatory in 1949, specialising in transverse flute. Soon, however, his and his brother’s studies were endangered by their “kulak origin”. As sons of a former large farmer they were not eligible for studies. However, thanks to the fact that they proved that they had lived with their mother, they were eventually allowed to continue in their studies. František served his military service in the Army Opera as the first flute player, then played the first flute, from 1955 to 1984, in the Symphonic Orchestra of the Czechoslovak Radio. Since the 1960s, he worked as a teacher, taught at the Prague Conservatory, at Deyl’s Conservatory for Visually Impaired and at the Music School in Voršilská Street, organised courses and summer schools for flute playing. He was the promoter of the so-called French style of playing, based on natural, singer-like breathing, and, since 1971, he promoted the still non-used models of transverse flute with open valves. As these were not available in the country, he started manufacturing them himself under the Malotín brand and as early as 1987 he was one of the first entrepreneurs in the country. After 2004, he sold his small business, he stopped playing the flute in 2004 and dedicates his time to taking photographs of nature. He has not engaged politically. He is married and has raised two sons.

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