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Růžena Plíšková (1927) - Biography

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That which does not kill you, makes you stronger

Růžena Plíšková was born on 20th April 1927 as a daughter of Markus and Serena Roth who owned a farm at Ruský Hrabovec at the border with today´s Ukraine. In spring 1944, the whole family was arrested and deported to Auschwitz, due to the father helping the partisans. Her mother and Pavel, her small brother, were killed immediately after the arrival, her father died a year later during the death march. Only the sisters Růžena and Jolana survide the inhuman conditions. After the war, they did not return to their house then looted and devastated, but started a new life in Děčín. Růžena completed her studies at the Secondary Medical School and worked as a nurse at the Babies Ward in the Teplice Hospital. Later she worked at the Old People´s Home in Mimoň where she is currently living and thanks to her positive attitude is helping the others. She got married and has a son Karel.

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Title: Vzpomínky na Osvětim
Pamětnice nemá jedinou fotografii svých rodičů ani ze svého dětství a mládí.
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