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Vladimír Cvrček (1939) - Biography

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There is always a way

Vladimír Cvrček, who goes under the scout pseudonym Vezír, was born on 20 April 1939 in Turnov as the younger of two sons of a railway worker František Cvrček and a seamstress Františka Cvrčková. As an eight-year-old he began attending the first sea scout club in Liberec. Following the ban on scouting in 1948 he joined the Pionýr. He graduated from a school of chemical engineering in Liberec and began studying teaching at a university in Ústí nad Labem. Twenty years later, during the second scout renewal he and his friends put together the original club, calling themselves "Proud Lighthouse of Liberec". Vladimír served as chief of cubs - the young scouts. The first-ever contest of scout cubs was to take place in 1970, and Vladimír was supposed to take part as a referee. However, the race was cancelled at the last minute and scouting was outlawed for the second time. The Liberec center ceased to function. Some of the local groups were incorporated into hiking clubs, others into Pionýr. Two years later, Vladimír's cubs reunited again under the flag of TJ Lokomotiva. They carried on even within the Pionýr, up until 1989. Following the Velvet Revolution, they returned to the scout organization. Vladimír remains an active scout chief, serving at Junák's headquarters and since 2014 being a member of its country leadership.

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